Saturday, May 24, 2008


This L.O is about my father-in-Law who has always enjoyed singing with his choir.
I get so excited whenever my pictures have a black background because I like black and also because I know it'll be easy to add to it without being too loud.

It's all about being EXCITED isn't it?
I mean excitement is what get my creative juice going, bubbling I should say, so here comes my 1st question for you: " What gets your creative juice going? "

your comments will sure get me excited.


BUSIR said...

Faire quelque chose de nouveau et qui fera plaisir à un enfant petit ou grand !Y.S

keelan said...

woow! super choutte!! pas seulement ta page mais aussi tout ton blog! je sais que c'est difficile de faire de nouvelles choses de plus en plus elaborees. mais courage!! TU VA Y ARRIVER!!!!
(ton fils qui t'aime)

Anonymous said...

My French is horrible (although I took 7 years during high school & college) so I won't be posting in French unfortunately. :)
I really enjoy your layouts! I hope to see more.

sammy'sfamily said...

Hi Alexandra,
I am a big fan of yours in the SS gallery and am excited to follow your blog. I have been to Paris once, and would never claim to parle francais. So anglais it is. Bon chance with the new venue.


Sassy Sissy said...

Hi Alex:

Excellent job! I'm so excited that you've started a blog. Now we can get insight behind your beautiful works of art! John wants to frame the pages you made of Claire and Joey and I agree. They are truely WORKS OF ART!