Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have a soft spot for knitted dollies ( or as we call them in French : les Doudous Tricotes, et non, ce n'est pas la que je confesse dormir chaque nuit avec mon doudou tricote par ma Maman ). I bought this kit last week-end and love the "natural / homemade" look it has. It comes from the U.K ( another positive thing in my opinion ) and the box turns into a rocking chair for the "big bunny"( rather clever, I thought). You may have noticed the "8 + " sign on the box, well, after checking out the instructions, I'm not so sure an 8 year old would be able to pull it off but what about a 40 year old? Sure, I haven't knitted in 20 + years and have never had to follow the instructions in English but why not give it a try.
If you have spotted any cool "Doudous" out there waiting to be knitted, be sure to let me know.
THANK you for your comments.


Belinda Venables said...

Hi there Alexandra,
Thankyou so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

It's always lovely to 'meet' new people.

Your blog is so wonderful and your layouts - stunning!

I have added your blog into my bloglines so I don't miss out on any updates...:D

Enjoy your day.


BUSIR said...

At 70 I would also like to knit one!Y.S

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Followed your link to here from your lovely LO in the Simple Scrapbooks gallery (Hallo, Bibi c'est moi - Xandie, c'est moi!*. Nice to have found you and good luck with the knitting and the English instructions! :)

Anonymous said...

oh Alexandra another person who likes knitting (yeh), I love to knit too (altough don't have too much time) - show us when it's finished.