Monday, June 16, 2008


Each month I make a couple of pages illustrating the events of that month. I discovered this sketch by the talented Linda Barber ( Simple Scrap booking )in January and decided to stick to it for the whole year.

This is for our album of the year it's a 12 x 12:

This 8 1/2 x 11 is for my 5 year old daughter's album:

And this last one is an 8 x 8 and it's for a "coffee table" album:

I find keeping some sort of a journal really helps remembering the little daily events and certainly helps writing the journaling for these types of L.Os.
I also noticed that my children love these "pages of the month" and just yesterday Gabrielle ( almost 15 ) told me how lucky she thought her baby sister was to have her own album of pages of the month!


BUSIR said...

how many albums do you make at the same time? J'aime beaucoup cette disposition et l'utiliserai aussi !j'ai des difficultes pour ajouter du texte ,mais c'est important !Y.S

Andrea said...

Very cool sketch, so versatile. I got the pics up with my 4x6 page protectors. Hope you can stop by for a peek :)

Anonymous said...

J'adore ce sketch ! Je l'utiliserai sûrement !
C'est super de faire une page par mois, moi je fais aussi mon journal 2008 mais sans résumer chaque mois, disons que c'est plutôt une page par évènement ou chose faite chaque mois... mais j'ai du retard lol !


Belinda Venables said...

What a fantastic idea!

Love the pages and I love that you have created them using the same sketch...:)


Anonymous said...

Et voilà une autre idée que je réutiliserais volontiers... C'est vraiment bien trouvé, merci pour le partage !

mlledidi said...

J'aime beaucoup This is for our album of the year it's a 12 x 12: ;)