Tuesday, July 1, 2008

~ 2 572 miles ~

Here I am! Back in Chi-town after 2 572 miles in 8 days.We went through Indiana,Michigan, Ontario, Quebec,New York,Pennsylvania,Ohio,Indiana and Illinois.

It was great to take this trip and equally wonderful to come back home.

Here are a few pictures...

we had to try these beauties, of course they looked a lot better than they tasted!

I really enjoyed taking a double Decker tour bus of Toronto.

Tim Horton's much cuter than Dunkin'Donuts!

ah...the little details, quarters are called "loonies" after the bird:
I would much rather knit than drive!

Le Vieux-Montreal:

Despite the rain, Quebec City was spectacular:

The changing of the guard at the Citadel in Quebec City:

Um...maple cookies

On the way back, we had to stop and see the Niagara Falls,the kind of sights one does once in a life time.It was touristy of course but worth seeing, very impressive:

And even closer to home,Indiana Amish Country, a place I had never been either and would love to discover in the Fall.


the famous verses came to my mind:" Heureux qui comme Ulysse a fait un beau voyage..." and now instead of scrapping, a broken fountain,an untidy yard,several loads of laundry and a very dirty car are all screaming my name! I have yet to learn how to come back from a trip and enjoy catching back on the choirs.Any advice?


Andrea said...

Gorgeous photos, I was beginning to wonder where you disappeared to. For the chores, I'd say do one major thing per day so you don't get overwhelmed trying to catch up all at once. Catch up on laundry, scrap, wash the car, knit, clean up yard, scrap...

Jennifer Larson said...

Welcome back! Love your photos. We're heading that way when we drive to Maine this summer. I look forward o that photo backlog too.


Lisa G. said...

Love your photo's and your idea's! Cool LO's and projects...your inspiring for sure!

LOVE your music!

p.s. :) Our Loonie is a dollar coin not our Quarter. We also have a Toonie, which is our two dollar coin. :)

katell said...

je découvre ton blog: superbes pages (j'adore!!), photos très sympas...et en plsu (cerise sur le gâteau ;-)) un voyage au Québec!! (j'ai eu la chance de voir le chateau Frontenac, sous le soleil cet été...quelle belle ville)

Je reviendrais souvent par ici c'est sur!

mlledidi said...

Toutes ces photos donnent envie ;)