Friday, July 25, 2008


To celebrate 2 months of ART SCRAP & MORE I thought we should have a little challenge. Nothing too complicated, just a fun one that has to do with COLORS.

You may have noticed my addiction to BLACK and WHITE! I just happen to think that a lot of white on a page is good for the eyes and let the mind "dive" into the other elements of the page.
Asfar as black goes, well, it's just the greatest, easiest tool,isn't it? You want something to pop:black will do it, you want the other colors on the page to stand out: black,you want elegance: black again,something that will never go out of style: yep, black again!

We all know the two colors work well together so how about throwing another one in the mix, any other color, it doesn't have to be a primary...and coming up with a page or a card ( see example below)or a project of any kind.There are absolutely no restriction, no right or wrong, it's all good fun and yes there will be a PRIZE!

You can lift the cards above or come up with your own interpretation.
I will pick a winner next week-end and send her/him a little goody from the CHA.
How does that sound? Want to play?

Let me recap.

  • use black and white + 1 color
  • make something with that combination, it doesn't even have to be paper!
  • post it anywhere you want but don't forget to include the link in the comments
  • if you post it in a gallery please call it : " art scrap and more challenge 1"

good luck and look for the winner next week-end...

Voici le tout 1er defi de: art scrap & more:

  • utiliser du noir et du blanc + 1 autre couleur ( au choix )
  • en faire absolument ce que l'on veut: page, photo,tricot, peinture,broderie,dessin...
  • la poster dans les commentaires en mettant le lien
  • si vous la publiez dans une galerie, merci de mentioner:"art scrap and more challenge 1"

Il ne me reste plus qu'a vous souhaiter bonne chance et j'annoncerai le/la gagnante le week-end prochain. J'aurai le plaisir de lui envoyer une petite nouveaute glanee au CHA samedi dernier!


HIME said...

Hello Alexandra

en voila une jolie idee. je vais me creuser la tete alors. Ca me plait bien cette idee de challenge.

A bientot j espere avec quelque chose qui te plaira


Shuttermom said...

Here is the link to my entry for the challenge. I have never used white as a canvas. It was a little bit intimidating but I was happy with the result.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

I missed your challenge - what a shame! I'll keep an eye out next time. Love the paper making too - very creative even if it was messy!

Anonymous said...

J'ai seulement eu le temps de faire une petite carte (noir, blanc et rouge) que peut, j'espere etre vue ici: