Sunday, July 27, 2008


Turning my scraps of paper into recycled sheets is something I had been wanting to try in a long time so this week end,Gabrielle,my eldest, and I had a go at it.
Here is an illustration of hours of messy fun:
1.We shredded and then cut scraps ( we managed to jam the tiny paper shredder!):

2.We soaked the paper in H20 overnight:

3. We put a cup of soaked paper + 2 to 3 cups of hot H2O + some liquid glue in a blender and pulsed a few seconds:

4. We poured the pulp into a tub:

5. We slided a frame in the tub and allowed the pulp to settle onto the screen:

6. We lifted the screen out of the mixture and tried to keep it as flat as possible.We placed newspapers, towels, felt on a flat surface and flipped the screen paper-side-down on the cloth. ( this is called COUCHING ):

7. We covered the paper with another layer of felt and pressed the excess of H2O with a rolling pin:

8. We lifted the screen gently ( = the hard part )starting at the corners:

9. Place the sheets out of the way to dry. We put them in the sun and let them dry all day. Here is what they looked like before I ironed them:

10. One of my favorites is the one with bits of crayolas ( saved after sharpening them ), I also like the ones with bigger pieces of paper:

As in every project, there are good things and not so good things about paper making.

The not-so-good: breaking appliances is really easy, we jammed the shredder and broke the new blender! we also spent the best part of the day on this ( note to self: plan lunch ahead of time when embarking on such a time consuming project! and no Gabrielle, Momma can't make you a milk shake when she's trying to pulse paper).It's also a very messy project so it requires a lot of cleaning up afterwards and I had a hard time finding candidates for that part!

On the good side: doing it with my daughter(s), Lily joined us for a little while. The good laughs,the beautiful sun drying our papers super fast and keeping me "oh-so-happy", the serenity we enjoyed for hours,having our patience tested, which, in craft-making I truly enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed reading this very long post,I wonder whether paper making is something you've tried and enjoyed? I would love to read about your experiences.


Andrea said...

I did it in about 6th grade, it was really fun and very rewarding to get the beautiful end results. Something I'd love to try again one day but when the kids are several years older. I really like the first one (white with lots of colorful flecks).

neat freak said...

you've just reminded me I have a papermaking board somewhere! I did it once or twice but as you say it is very time consuming and very messy. I would do it again but when I know I'll get no interruptions!!!!


Anonymous said...

Juste pour toi :
"Le papier végétal n'existe que chez les artistes, les faiseurs de miracles, les fées, et leurs soeurs jumelles, les sorcières... Pour leur fabrication la patience et la passion suffisent, cependant un peu de curiosité l'améliore. Ce sont des papiers de peu, et le miracle est là. Créer notre papier nous donne le pouvoir d'être au plus près de notre propos. Sans a priori de durée, d'éternité, de convenu, de convenable. Ne soyons ni classiques, ni modernes. Ne soyons pas des artistes, mais ne craignons pas d'être des artistes. Soyons nous."

à long post, long commentaire...
Kiss from Belgium !

mlledidi said...

Oauouu c'est quoi ca ????? lol