Thursday, July 17, 2008


Time for a fun little project that is as green as can be!
For these grocery list PADS you will need:
  1. old boxes of various food ( think fun colors/design)
  2. old sheets of paper ( perhaps from an old school textbook)
  3. a corner punch
  4. pieces of ribbon
  5. a Bind It All machine + wire binding ( 1/2 inch is perfect for this project )

The fun here is that there's no right or wrong in terms of sizes or style, think about what you want to do with these, could be great for writing the groceries or a quick recipe or as in the picture below for a little one who so badly needs a pad to play "restaurant"!

Make the cover a little bit bigger than the inner pages and round the corners of the cover and back if desired. Put the cover and back in the Bind It All and then the inner pages ( follow the usual steps )then add the wire, close it and add a long ribbon or tiny ones depending on the look you want to go for et voila!
I highly recommend making several at a time you'll have fun giving them away!


Séverine said...

Oh c'est absolument génial!
L'idée est simple mais ça rend tellement bien! Je trouve ça super fun!

Andrea said...

You always have such great recycling projects! Thanks so much for helping to spread the word the recycling is easy and can be fun too!

Anonymous said...

On a toujours besoin d'un petit carnet chez soi!(c'etait une pub pour les petits pois...tres vieux!)Tres bonne idee mais comment faire sans binder machine?