Friday, August 29, 2008


A little recycling project to finish off the week?
My Lilybug's polly pockets needed a bed and I found out a can of sardines was the perfect fit for the little dolls so with a little felt,some embroidery floss and a scalloped edge made a while back with a die-cutting machine:TADA!
Now that the brunette has her bed, the blond doll needs one right? and guess who has to eat what first?!

Have a lovely week-end.


Anonymous said...

J'adore!!Trop mignon!Quelle bonne idee ces boites de sardines !('Comment bien les laver?)Les petits boutons sur le coté :c'est le" nec plus ultra" Bravo !!Y.S

Belinda Venables said...

Nope - sorry, I'll pass!

I'd have to eat a whole warehouse full of sardines to make beds for all of madelin's Polly Pockets! I couldn't honestly stomach one single sardine! I'll leave you to that one! ;)

They do look fabulous though - you are clever aren't you?!


Andrea said...

You have the most clever recycling ideas! I better call Grandpa and tell him to save his sardine cans!

Anonymous said...

Trop mignon le petit lit en boite de sardine! Tu fais encore preuve de beaucoup de creativité!