Saturday, September 6, 2008


No, no, not that kind of happy hour!
The crafty kind, you know, the " let's make a pasta necklace with a twist" kind!
If you have or know a little girl who loves everything that shines, this will be a hit.The idea is to spray some silver and gold paint on pretty pasta, that part should be done the night before by an adult,outside or with the windows opened.
Apart from that you can pretty much let the girls make the bracelets/necklaces themselves ( fun activity for a birthday party )

Gabrielle enjoyed making several bracelets with 5 pasta shells + 1 felt flower while lily loved her choker! Tres chic!


Belinda Venables said...

These are SOOOOOO cool. Madelin would LOVE to make some like these.


Anonymous said...

Aaahhhhhh!!!!!Comme c'est beau!!!Je vais preparer des pates pour les filles!Fil nylon ou élastique?
Bonne idee les fleurs en feutrine !Y.S

Anonymous said...

J'aime particulierement "September song" mais tu me parais bien nostalgique ???Y.S

Andrea said...

So elegant and so inexpensive at the same time! Love it. And for my preschool set they'd probably be just as happy with rainbow colors :)

Anonymous said...

Sympa comme idee! Surtout pour un anniversaire... dommage que je n'ai que des garçons ;)

Genmanou said...

WOW ! C'est vraiment extra !...Quelle bonne idée !... et merci de ta visite !

Andrea said...

We're leaving for AK later this week :) I'm so excited!

neat freak said...

OMG Alexandra WHERE do you find the time girl? I so admire your energy. This makes me wish my two were younger **sigh** because they used to love doing stuff like this!

Thanks for your email will definitely by visiting the blog.

Lorraine xx