Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A couple of days ago, my friend Hime tagged me. I understand I'm supposed to tag blogger friends but I'm going to change the rules a little here and tag ladies whom I'm dying to know a little better. I hope they'll play along and share 6 facts/habits about themselves.
I tag:
- Nathalie, my Franco-American scrapper friend from California.
- Lorraine, my digi. friend from England
- Alison, my dearest sissy-in-Law from Napa.
- Virginie
- Leanne S.
- Stephanie de Normandie

6 facts about "MOI":
1. Je ne sais pas conduire une boite a vitesses et ca m'embete.
I can't drive a stick shift and it really bothers me.
2. Je reve de decouvrir le Vietnam en velo.
I would love to discover Vietnam by bike.
3. J'aurais voulu etre un "nez".
I would have liked to have been a "nose".
4. J'adore les chats mais je ne peux pas en avoir car les males de la famille sont allergiques.
I adore cats but can't have any since all the men here have allergies.
5. 2 gourmandises me font craquer en France:les vraies guimauves ( surtout a la fleur d'oranger ou a la violette) et les macarrons de Laduree ( surtout a la rose ou a la framboise)
2 sweets that make me melt: the real mashmallows ( orange Blossoms/Violet ) and Laduree's Macaroons ( Rose).
6. Le vrai pur bien-etre, c'est s'endormir avec son bebe dans les bras.
Real pure happiness is falling asleep with your baby in your arms.


Anonymous said...

C'est cool d'en apprendre un peu plus sur toi, c'est rigolo, moi aussi j'aurais aimé travailler dans les parfums, je vient de le mettre dans mon tag...@ bienot

Anonymous said...

Ben ça alors! C'est bien la premiere fois que je me fais tagger! :) J'ai aimé lire tes réponses alors je vais jouer mais je ne pourrais pas tagger d'autres personnes puisque je ne suis pas bloggeuse... je dois dire cependant que ton blog me donne bien l'envie de commencer!

Alors voila (en anglais):
1/ People always look surprised when I tell them I grew up in Africa
2/ I love homemade chocolate chip cookies
3/ I bring my own bags to the grocery store
4/ I'd rather scrap than watch TV
5/ The last significant book I have read is "Three Cups of Tea" and I highly recommend it.
6/ I wish I was a few inches taller :)

Anonymous said...

Here are my 6 facts about me, Alison Burns:

1. I would love to travel for one year with my family in tow, leaving behind all responsibilities.

2. I teach deaf and hard of hearing children and our primary mode of communication is sign language.

3. I thwarted a child abduction yesterday of one of my students by his estranged mother.

4. I love chocolate, but, as far as cake goes, prefer vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

5. I love hot weather, the hotter the better as long as there is a body of water nearby (preferably a healthy, running river).

6. My secret dream is to be a folk singer and best musical friends with John Prine.

HIME said...

Hello miss

merci d'avoir répondu. Tu as pris bien a coeur ce tag et pour notre plus grand plaisir !!

je vois que nous partageons une autre chose : la gourmandise pour les guimauves et les chamallows ;-)

neat freak said...

OK here goes - 6 facts about me hummmmm:

1) I used to cycle everywhere around London and one year I had a milometer fitted and found I cycled 5 thousand miles!

2) I am in the process of restructuring my garden to build a vegetable patch (got a lot to learn as I usually grow things in pots).

3) I LOVE to cook and in summer will pick wild blackberries and apples.

4) I love my own company and could sit for a whole day reading a book!

5) Green is my favourite colour but I don't own that many green clothes.

6) Good dark chocolate is one of my weaknesses as is a glass of good, cold champagne (rose or white).