Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If you have loads of buttons and know a little girl, why not pull out the glue gun and put these barrettes together in no time.
Just please be caution with handling the HOT glue gun



Belinda Venables said...

These are adorable - my Miss Madelin would love them!


Anonymous said...

J'ai dabord cru que c'était des bagues Adorable ..elle a bien de la chance (dans le même esprit j'ai eu hier l'idée d'une fleur en tissus ?)Y.S

neat freak said...

oh my goodness if Alessi was younger she would have so gone for these (*sigh* not any longer)- these are super cute!

Lorraine x

Andrea said...

So cute. These would make a sweet, inexpensive and thoughtful gift. Or a fun little party craft for a sleepover.

mlledidi said...

Rooh mais c'est que c'est encore une super idée ca !