Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The door bell rang this morning and a big heavy package addressed to me was left on the threshold. I opened it to find the loveliest letter from my friend Lorraine ( aka Neatfreak @ CK ), an incredible digital scrapbook artist from England together with ions of goodies! As I write this post, I'm stumbling to express my gratitude toward such an incredible act of kindness and then I'm reminded that this is precisely my goal : to share ideas, give expecting nothing in return, create with joy; what Lorraine has done for me I hope I'll do for you somehow,'s the only road I know worth traveling on.

thank you my friend!


Anonymous said...

"Sweet Lorraine" crois que c'est une chanson?How generous of Neat Freak (I admire her work too).Y.S

virg said...

et bien on peut dire que ton amie t'a plus que gâtée.
Et tu as raison Lorraine est une scrappeuse incroyable j'admire son travail sur TP depuis pas mal de temps déjà et si tu as une adresse blog, je suis preneuse

Lorraine you'r a great scrapbook artist and a generous friend