Monday, November 24, 2008


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And so to start off a series of "Christmas Projects" here is my December Diary. The idea comes from the talented Ali Edwards. It's a simple concept really, well my take on it is going to be any way:

- one day=one picture + one story, on one page. Of course you can make yours any shape or size you want. It could be about the traditions you like to observe or the more mundane aspect of everyday.

Personally I'm doing it for these four reasons:

1. the challenge of keeping it up for 25 days
2. keeping a trace of 25 consecutive days in our life
3.recording our favorite traditions
4. in the hope to slow down and be more "aware"of that special time.

En voyant celui d'Ali Edwards l'annee derniere, je m'etais juree de le faire ce Noel. Le concept est simple: 1 jour=1 photo+1 petit texte, le tout sur une page. J'ai utilise des tampons acryliques et des punches pour faire les petites etiquettes de chaque jour.

All supplies used are from My LYB Sharon Ann Christmas MAGIC Collection except for these tags that I made using acrylic stamps and two punches.

I often add a see through cover to my minis. I like how it adds both dimension and some protection to the whole project. The title is on the other side of the red medallion:

I'll be showing some inside pages next week...Thank you!

Je montrerai quelques pages la semaine prochaine...Merci!


  1. wow wheee this is amazing - beautiful I love the acrylic cover!

    Lorraine x

  2. That is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see the inside!

  3. Il est magnifique ce mini !Tu vas arriver à écrire chaque jour quelque chose?Bravo Y.S

  4. Its beautiful, reminds me of a set of fancy holiday china. Can't wait to see the insides.

  5. Bien sur que c est joli, c est Mimi, tout frais, rigolo. j'aime bien l'idée de la plaque tranparente mais rigide. j'aime beaucoup


    les deux versions avec swils et avec taches de peinture viennent de partir. je ne sais pas dire celle que je prefere ... :-)

  6. Et zou la je te laisse. A dans quelques jours !

  7. Ahhhh, I love the new header with the flowers. How did you do that?

  8. OHHHHHH !... ça m'a l'air absolument somptueux !....

  9. What beautiful work that you do are a artist! The mini's are wonderful and your little boxes are to die for! Wish we could see you guys this Friday but we all have to work. Tell the kids hi. I'm going to show the Grandparents both yours and Al's blog. I'm so impressed. Your photo's are wonderful and I think you should have a second job by doing this work and teach some of us how it is done! Ha Ha
    Have a great holiday....
    Pat and Scott

  10. Il est beau comme tout ton mini et moi aussi je suis curieuse et veux voir les pages que tu vas creer!

  11. J'ai compris le système des jours avec les photos, c'est un peu le projet 365 quoi ;) Mais le truc rond c'est quoi ? =$