Monday, November 10, 2008


While I've often been tempted to scrap a 11 x 8 1/2 page, I'd never taken the leap up till now! Before I go any further, I'd like to express my most profound respect for every one's point of views. I realize some of you might not share my enthusiasm for the new administration but I also think it is important for me to be honest. I feel that not sharing a L.O with you because it touches the political realm would be dishonest and misleading. I'm not a militant, I'm just deeply moved in a very positive way for what this incredible country has been able to do by electing Barack Obama. I thank you for you understanding; please feel free to leave me a comment about this or anything else you see fit.

Je ne veux pas faire beaucoup de blabla pour rien, en ecrivant ces lignes plus haut, je tenais simplement a vous dire combien je respecte profondement les idees de chacun. La Politique aux Etats-Unis c'est comme la Religion, il est tres delicat et meme deconseille d'en parler ouvertement. Bien que je ne fasse aucun proselythisme, j'estime qu'il serait malhonnete de ma part de ne pas partager certaines pages, photos sous pretexte qu'elles touchent a la politique. Comment ne pas esperer et ne pas desirer partager cette esperance apres ce que nous avons vecu ici mardi dernier?


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Alex:

We love your new pictures! We just watched the Will-i-am video and are glad that you put that on your blog. Joey says, "Obama rocks, Obama rocks!" Claire says, "I'm so glad Obama won!"
Joey and Claire

Anonymous said...

The picture of you and Gabrielle is stunning. It speaks volumes.


Sassy Ali

Anonymous said...

Precieuse cette page!Bravo .Y.S

neat freak said...

It took a little time but I managed to translate most of the text, I think you describe the event beautifully and I love reading other peoples views on situations. Well done - a fabulous memory preserved.

Lorraine xx

HIME said...

je ne peux qu'approuver. J'aime cette page colorée et porteuse d'avenir.

merci Alexandra et a bientot (si tu as le temps un petit passage sur mon blog pour un petit conseil serait le bienvenu)

A bientot


mlledidi said...

Chouette :)