Friday, November 21, 2008


Good morning my friends.I had a problem with my sidebars which had dropped all the way below the posts and after working on fixing it for about 40 hours I was able to succeed! I had gone to the "help" section and posted a link to my problem not thinking I would get an answer but this amazing blog Doctor came to the rescue and with his instructions I was able to find what was wrong and fix it! I'm exhausted and elated at the same time, I'd like to share the link to his site, you know, just in case!

Ca y est la tenacite a du bon, enfin je ne dirai peut-etre pas ca dans quelques heures alors que la journee commencera et que je n'aurai pratiquement pas dormi! Donc avant d'aller faire un minuscule dodo, je voulais vous donner le lien du "docteur" qui m'a aidee a regler ce probleme de sidebar:
OUF! ca va mieux! ( un grand merci a Hime qui m'a beaucoup aidee et que je tiens ici a saluer !)


Anonymous said...

Quel soulagement !Je savais que tu ne pouvais pas abandonner .Bravo .Y.S

Anonymous said...

Il manque encore les musiques ?c'est moins grave .Y.S

Andrea said...

Yay you got it fixed. Thanks for the link I will ask him for help on mine too.